Grower-Maker is a new project based near Bath and Bristol focusing on traditional land based crafts. Whether it be growing willow and making baskets, growing plants for herbal medicines or keeping sheep for wool crafts, Grower-Maker hopes to engage makers in deepening their understanding of their grown materials, and encourage growers to learn new skills to add value to their produce.

The Grower-Maker site consists of a two acre plot near the village of Marshfield with a stone barn workshop. Currently we are in the process of establishing growing beds and putting in the infrastructure needed for potential tenants to take on plots to experiment and cultivate their chosen materials.

The two main principles that the project is to be built apon are:

1 – Access to unused land should be free

2 – Access to land based skills should be free

Therefore if you are maker already and wish to grow your own materials, but are unable to afford a space to grow, or you a grower wishing to expand your skill set to create a value added product from your produce. We are here to provide a space of learning and experimentation within a community of like minded individuals.

The land will be split up into small plots that will be made available on a long term residency program, all we ask of potential growers is to host 4 open days/courses a year, where you will teach others about the methods you have learned and pass on the skills needed for others to grow or make their own crafts.

These courses/open days will be Free for participants, and will help to spread the word about your budding business as well as the others based upon the land.

We are open to all crafts that start with land based materials, please get in touch if you are interested in bee keeping, sheep husbandry, willow growing and weaving, herbal medicines, wool spinning, natural dyeing, coppice working, traditional green woodworking, smoking and preserving meats, growing fruit and vegetables for preserving/fermenting/brewing, and any other of the many fine crafts that start with naturally grown materials.