Hello old friend, I’m glad you could join us.

I’m glad to say that after 3 years living in Kent my old tractor has completed its journey back to the West Country, it will be spending it’s time both in the woods where I work in the winter and also up on the grower-maker site. At the moment I’m working on an attachment that will help build and form the raised beds, by removing soil from the paths and placing it neatly on the growing beds. Hopefully it will save a lot of hard work digging and free up more time for seed sowing and weeding… 

The first job will be to get the chipper going and convert some of my waste wood from the last two years into wood chip mulch for planting more willow and the newer chip will be used to get some mushroom growing established.

It definitely needs to be mentioned that my truck has done a sterling job over the last couple days, thank you for not breaking down and purring like a kitten the whole way. 

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